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Ryan Duggan

We've got a file on Chicago poster maniac Ryan Duggan of Drug Factory Press

Dossier By John Dugan, April 15, 2013

In each edition of Dossier Nothing Major pulls classified profiles from our ultra secret files. This week, it's Chicago poster designer Ryan Duggan.

Photo by Ben Speckmann

Name: Ryan C. Duggan

DOB: 04/23/1983

Current City: Chicago

Current occupation: designer/screen printer

Career defining moment: Getting to make posters for Henry Rollins was a good one, but I think I'm still defining my career.


Last design item you bought: 1986 Swatch. I like the super simple black & white Swatches from this era. I actually have two of this same model just in case.

Most beloved item of clothing (past or present): Burgundy Carhartt beanie. I'm almost unrecognizable without it. Bought it at Farm & Fleet in 2006 and it's still doing its job.


Most treasured design object: The Dietzgen drafting table (c. 1920s) I got from my dad. It's recently been buried under a stack of prints, but I've put a lot of miles on that thing.

Worst trend you regret embracing: Fixed gear bicycles. So stupid. Thankfully I borrowed a friend's 18-speed road bike for a ride to Milwaukee in 2007 and never looked back. 


Favorite room in the house: Probably my print studio or the garage which has been converted into a bar/miniramp/men's lodge.

Favorite museum or gallery: I always enjoy a visit to the MCA.

Drink of choice: Hamm's beer. 

Artist/designer you collect: I have some Cody Hudson prints, but I hope to get a painting soon. Cody is Chicago's most solid guy, art-wise and otherwise.

Artist/designer you'd like to collect: I'd love to have a Raymond Pettibon piece.

Favorite album cover: Well, obviously the Pettibon Black Flag covers are all great. I also think CCR's Cosmos Factory is a pretty fantastic cover.

The best video ever was directed by: I'd have to say Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker" (Chris Cunningham)

Secret obsession:  Craigslist. I'm always finding something, even when I'm not looking for anything.