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Mariano Chavez

We've got a file on painter, printmaker, and gallerist Mariano Chavez.

Dossier By Lauren Smith, May 22, 2013

In each edition of Dossier, Nothing Major pulls classified profiles from our ultra secret cache of files and posts them on the Internet. This week, it's Chicago artist Mariano Chavez.

Whether he's jabbing the underbelly of pop culture or depicting landscapes reminiscent of a childhood in rural Texas, Chavez allows his paint and print work to marry life's uncertainties with life's absurdities. His storefront Agent Gallery is like a cross pollination of a Tim Burton movie and Hugh Hefner's living room, where object and art create an environment bizarrely playful and grotesquely beautiful. From a 450-piece hand-cast and machined bone chandelier to celestial patterns-turned-prints, his collection dazzles. 

Name: Mariano Chavez

DOB: 01-31-1974

African Mask Night, Mariano Chavez

Current City: Chicago

Current occupation: Artist and owner of Agent Gallery Chicago

Last design item you bought: A crazy pair of Kuboram glasses

Most beloved item of clothing (past or present): Black hoodie seems to be the eternal look

Most treasured design object: A 1930s Operay Multibeam Surgical Light

Worst trend you regret embracing: I think I purchased a pair of Toms once, but at least some kids got a pair too so I wasn't alone.

Troll, Mariano Chavez

Favorite room in the house: Bedroom

Last Rites, Mariano Chavez

Favorite museum or gallery: I spend more time at the Art Institute than any other museum—I am so familiar with the collection that it feels like home to me.

Drink of choice: Coffee by day, gin and soda by night

Artist/designer you collect: I just got a Lou Beach collage that I am pretty excited about.

Artist/designer you'd like to collect: I need a Zach Meisner. He is rocking good and I hope to get one soon!

Favorite album cover: This is a tough one because I was raised by album covers: Iron Maiden's Killers was pretty formative and I used to copy lots of Maiden covers so I guess they were quite influential.

The best video ever was directed by: New Order's "The Perfect Kiss" by Jonathan Demme. There is something about how he captured the band and their hyperawareness of being filmed and their awkward discomfort—it is amazing.

Nightshiner at Agent Gallery

Secret obsession: I was gonna say something reasonable, but my friend pointed out that I have been obsessed with Lululemon. I mean, I don't wear it, but I do enjoy watching it—haha.