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Travis Joseph Meinolf / Action Weaver

We've got a file on weaver Travis Joseph Meinolf.

Dossier By John Dugan, July 5, 2013

In each edition of Dossier, Nothing Major pulls classified profiles from our ultra secret cache of files and posts them on the Internet. This week, it's Travis Joseph Meinolf—a San Francisco weaver currently based in Berlin. Meinolf who has collaborated with Max Lamb and contributed to Kai Althoff's Whitney Biennial installation in 2012.

DOB: 11-11-78

Current City: Berlin, but moving to Oakland in just a couple months!!

Current occupation: Weaver

Cloth for Kai Althoff installation at Whitney Biennial, 2012 

Career defining moment: First installation in a major museum, the Weaving Place at the Vancouver Art Gallery upon the invitation of friend artist Kai Althoff. 40 volunteers taught thousands of visitors to weave using my little looms and together they made 15 blankets that they gave to cold locals and a women's shelter to use.

Last design item you bought:
Currently doing a trade with a friend of a friend, Lou Savoir who is making wedding bands for my wife and me out of gold coins from her Opa and a copper ingot from my Grandpop. 

Most beloved item of clothing (past or present): Flannels. Since my baby Louis was born I have been wearing one I made from lambswool I wove for his first blanket in the colors of the original Star Trek uniforms—all together since I am captain, science officer and engineer.

Most treasured design object: Most valuable to me is the loom I have built myself, it is my livelihood. Most treasured is my last remaining Erik Scollon mug.

Worst trend you regret embracing: I am at peace with all the terrible trends I embraced while in junior high in the '90s, and since then I've been pretty stable. I do sometimes wish all these other guys would shave though so my moustache isn't mistaken for trendy. 

Favorite room in the house: Living room. It is also my studio after hours. Working into the wee hours with my wife and baby asleep on the couch is very satisfying.

Favorite museum or gallery: Dolores Park.

Manchester Olympic Weave Race 2012 

Drink of choice: Coffee with vanilla ice cream.

Artist/designer you collect: Watercolors/happenings by Raphael Noz (above), paintings/sculpture by Kottie Paloma, ceramics by Ehren Tool and Erik Scollon.
 Wooden daybed by Max Lamb with textile by Action Weaver

Artist/designer you'd like to collect: I've done some projects with Max Lamb, but have yet to acquire a piece (shipping granite or wood furniture adds difficulty to non-monetary trades)

Favorite album cover: The Youngbloods, Elephant Mountain 

The best video ever was directed by: Whoever made this

Secret obsession: Reading comment threads.

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