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AJ Fosik

We've got a file on Portland wood sculptor AJ Fosik.

Dossier By Lauren Smith, June 13, 2013

Name: AJ Fosik

DOB: Indeterminate

"Blue Green Chimera"

Current City: Portland, OR

Current occupation: Sawduster, Wood Chipper, Laminator

Career defining moment: No such thing.

Last design item you bought: Flu Shot

"No Blood in the Bone"


These are not AJ Fosik's Red Wings

Most beloved item of clothing (past or present): Red Wing Boots

Most treasured design object: I like anything made from quarter-sawn oak where the varnish has turned yellow with age.

"Lamplighter to the Promised Land"

Worst trend you regret embracing: The '90s

Favorite room in the house: Shed

Favorite museum or gallery: Henry Ford Museum

Drink of choice: Pilsner and spicy tomato juice with a side of boiled peanuts.

"The Shepard"

Artist/designer you collect: Steve Jobs

Artist/designer you'd like to collect: Bill Gates

Favorite album cover: Dead Moon, Hardwired-in-Ljubljana

The best video ever was directed by: According to Google it was Kanye West directing Drake's video. That doesn't seem right.

"Reason is the Oracle"

Secret obsession: Authenticity, Responsibility, Empathy