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Eunice Lee

We've got a file on the founder of menswear label Unis, Eunice Lee.

Dossier By John Dugan, June 7, 2013

In each edition of Dossier, Nothing Major pulls classified profiles from our ultra secret cache of documents and posts them on the Internet. This week, it's New York menswear designer Eunice Lee who founded menswear label Unis in 2000. Unis's goods ride the fine line between modern and classic and all are made in America—usually NYC in fact.

Portrait and lookbook photos courtesy of Unis

Name: Eunice Lee

DOB: November. Yep. I'm a Scorpio.

Current City: New York City & Los Angeles

Current occupation: Designer of the brand Unis.

Career defining moment: I'd say it was two things that happened within a few months of each other. First, a full page New York Times article about my NY store titled "It Doesnt Cost a Dream," and the second was my GQ best menswear nomination. Just before these two things happened, I was really questioning why I was still toiling away at this business. The NYT article got me really choked up—a friend of mine read it to me over the phone. It was also incredibly meaningful to have been acknowledged by GQ. I was the first (and so far, only) woman to be nominated for menswear. So, here I am, still at it.

What are you listening to in your studio today? I bought a bunch of records last weekend for a $1 each. Today, I'm listening to Linda Ronstadt's Heart Like a Wheel.

Last design item you bought: A pair of Celine heels—not sure if that counts. But they're very design-y. I can't wait to wear them!

Most beloved item of clothing (past or present): My current obsession is a vintage men's chambray shirt, with lots of holes in it. 

Most treasured design object: I'm really in love with these etched vintage crystal wine glasses I have. They are insanely beautiful and delicate. The rim is super thin—it makes every sip of wine taste amazing. My NY set was a gift from one of my best friends. Then, about a month ago, my boyfriend and I found a really similar set at the Rose Bowl. So now I get to enjoy wine in the most perfect glasses on both coasts!

Worst trend you regret embracing: I always say this, but it still holds true, I used to perm my hair back in the day. When I look at those pictures from high school, I cringe. I would have looked so much better with my natural hair!

Favorite room in the house: My bedroom, in NY and LA. Both have a gigantic flat screen TV. There are some days when I'm just too tired from traveling, and I lay in bed and watch movies and bad TV all day long. Down time is rare, and I relish it. 

Second runner-up would be the kitchen, since I love to cook.

Favorite museum or gallery: American Contemporary. 4 E 2nd St. NYC

Drink of choice: White wine. The crisper the better. If it's not cold enough, I'll throw an ice cube in it.

Artist/designer you collect: I don't collect any one artist or designer.

Artist/designer you'd like to collect: I like the idea of collecting pieces as I find them, or they find me. It's more personal that way.

Favorite album cover: New Order - Power, Corruption & Lies

The best video ever was directed by: Hmm... I don't know. I don't pay much attention to music videos.

Secret obsession: It's called Super Choc-O-Food and it's pretty much chocolate crack. It's made by two companies in LA, Valerie Confections and Commune Design. My good friend Sofie left me a bar in my NYC apartment and I've been hooked ever since!

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