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Karl LaRocca / Kayrock Screenprinting

We've got a file on artist and printmaker Karl LaRocca. 

Dossier By Matt Putrino, July 8, 2013

Name: Karl LaRocca aka Kayrock


This poster is available from Kayrock's Etsy store.

Current City: Brooklyn, NY

Current occupation: Owner of Kayrock Screenprinting. Artist.  

"Sharpness Indicator / Diminishing Returns" 

Career defining moment: Quitting my job as a well-paid computer programmer during the Internet bubble of the late '90s to pursue a career as an artist.

Last design item you bought: a drawing from Ati Maier.

"Praying Mantis vs Mirror" by Karl LaRocca. 

Most beloved item of clothing (past or present): A jacket I have that was designed by a friend of mine who lives in Berlin for A.D. Deertz. Or a zip-up hoodie that I got in Bogor, Java. It’s printed all over with pastel triangles.

Most treasured design object: A 100-year-old papercutter. It used to be in the library department at Bard. It can cut 30-inch-wide paper that’s two inches thick. It weighs 1,400 pounds.

Googa Mooga poster

Worst trend you regret embracing: The designs we do are all kinds of different things, not caught in a trend. So I feel like we’ve embraced all kinds of awful things happily. In high school I wore khaki pants that were really tight around the ankles.

Favorite room in the house: The kitchen.

Favorite museum or gallery: I print things for too many New York museums to pick a favorite, but the gallery I have been visiting the most recently is Lu Magnus on the Lower East Side.

Drink of choice: Yuengling Lager. 

Glow in the dark T-shirt for Roberta's Pizza in Brooklyn. Drawing by Dennis Chow. 

Artist/designer you collect: Brady Dollarhide's doorknob pepper mill. Olivier Gillet's synthesizer kits.

Kayrock's Color System 

Artist/designer you'd like to collect: If I ever had the opportunity I would love to live with a piece of art by Sol LeWitt, Bridget Riley, or Agnes Martin.

Favorite album cover: Trans Am self-titled released by Thrill Jockey in 1996. 

The best video ever was directed by: I am a big fan of Michel Gondry's music videos, but I may be biased since he lives on my block.

Secret obsession: Micro registration and the metric system.

Visit Kayrock Screenprinting online.