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Not long after announcing a switch to a subscription cloud-based model for its ever-popular Creative Suite, Adobe steps into the hardware market with the "Project Mighty" stylus and "Napoleon" ruler. The devices are designed to work together, using Bluetooth and an upcoming Adobe app, to mimic the experience of sketching with a pen on paper. From a tactile perspective, the stylus features a pressurized tip to make line drawing feel more natural. Conceptually, the devices are built for collaboration, and have sharing functions built-in to move assets to and from the cloud and whatever tablet you're working on. When we get our hands on them, we'll let you know. [via Design Taxi]

Once the cameras on our smartphones started getting legitimate, a need for a good photo-editing app to drive the lens became apparent. We've been getting along with options like Snapseed and VSCO, but today Apple finally released the iPhone and Android version of their iPad app—Adobe Photoshop Touch. It does what those other great apps do (applying effects, cropping, sharing), but also provides some of those useful features familiar to users of the Photoshop desktop application (advanced selection tools, layers, filters). If you're a user of Photoshop and Adobe Creative Cloud, you can edit the same project from all of your devices—start a project at work and finish it on the train.

Find Adobe Photoshop Touch at Google Play or the App Store for $4.99.