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We've seen some interesting African poster art for imported Western movies, ranging from the simply amazing to the hilariously absurd. But this is the first time we've seen a great collection of Ghanaian posters for African movies—which likely includes films coming out of Nollywood, Nigeria's film industry—brought together in one place. If the films are 1/10th as gory and bizzarre as the posters, we're obviously missing out on some serious midnight movie entertainment.

For more Ghanaian film posters, head over to Mondoexploito.


Photo by: Commune | Dakar, Senegal

Breezing through the blog of one of our favorite Cal-centric design firms, Commune, we stumbled upon a photo set from Senegal's capital, Dakar. Expecting wind-battered and white-washed remnants of Colonialism, perhaps? Hardly. In Dakar and its environs, modernist architecture plays off the exuberant temperment of familiar African textiles. The color palette and bold, freestyle geometry that have endeard Kubas and Kentes to the post-Domino design zeitgeist emerge unexpectedly in Technicolor concrete casts and jilted architraves. The influence of everyone from Frank Lloyd Wright to Buckminster Fuller is evidenced in designs that are irreverent and utilitatian, adulterated by disregard, yet still beautiful.