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American baseball gear is back in a big way this spring—throwbacks and reissues abound, and you've likely noticed baseball-inspired essentials on the runways of international designers for several seasons now. There's so much worthy stuff out there connected with the great American pastime that we figured even the monochrome-obsessed rocker can get in on the action. Although, we can't guarantee that going all-black with your baseball collection won't create a mini Black Sox Scandal, it is an interesting look. Here are a few of our favorite (almost) all-black baseball items for spring.

Black Baseball by Goody Grams, $29
It's illegality (on the mound) makes it all the more enticing as an art object.

Nokona Bloodline 1200 Black Baseball Glove, $389
Nokona makes leather gloves by hand in Texas. These take a lot of breaking in, but pro players swear by them.

Warstic Whiskeyville Maple Baseball Bat, $129
The pro series bat won't settle for a ground rule double, and comes with your name engraved on it—kind of a must for your secret fantasy b-ball room. 

Shades of Grey Zebra Head Baseball Jacket, $268
It's not entirely black and won't fly on the field, of course, and the zebras are pretty out there, but this spring jacket brings a sophisticated touch to your Field of Dreams even if that's just the name of your local sports bar.

Nothing Belongs to Ebbets: Nº 1 Thing Five Panel in black, $49
We looked around at black ball caps online until we realized our favorite was sitting right here in the Nothing Major shop. The five panel Nº 1 Thing comes in a wool blend flannel worn in the late '60s and has a soft and sturdy black leather strap, too. They're also more rare than a lead-off homer by a National League pitcher in the bottom of the ninth.

Ebbets Field just celebrated its centennial—the Brooklyn ballpark would have been a hundred last week if it hadn't been torn down in 1960, and somewhat coincidentally, we're celebrating Ebbets, too—Ebbets Field Flannels, that is. For spring, we've just released four limited-edition Nothing Major hats produced with Ebbets. They're made in America by the 25-year-old purveyors of fine traditional baseball wear, and are available in four styles—three fitted designs and a leather strap-back 5-panel in all black.

The NoMa Ebbets Field Flannel caps are now available in the Nothing Major shop for $49.