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We tend to think that many vintage cameras are more fun to look at than to use—look no further than our bookshelf full of Brownies and old Polaroids for evidence of that. But, for a nice timeline of the look and evolution of the camera without the dust-collecting artifacts themselves, this offset litho-printed poster (available for pre-order for $22) from Pop Chart Lab does a pretty nifty job.

Spring Selections. The Nothing Major staff shares its picks for Spring 2013.

Shoot from the hip and enjoy the moment. The Black Slim Devil camera is as unassuming as your camera phone, makes no noise, and eliminates the urge to spend 10 minutes obsessing over which filter to apply to your photo for Instagram. With the Black Silm Devil, you get what you get, but you might just love that.

Years ago, the cult-classic Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim camera was beloved for its uniquely vivid shots, light weight and kind pricepoint. The good people at SuperHeadz have reissued the rugged 35mm film camera under a new name. It's even made at the same factory as the original.

Also, at $30 and under, it won't break the bank. So get snapping.

Find out more at SuperHeadz.com