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We'd bet the new Stumptown x Poler coffee travel kit works just as well in an apartment as it does in the field. It's also a useful set for the traveler that stays in hotels and doesn't like to risk a strong coffee in the morning. The full kit includes a grinder, a pound of Stumptown's Holler Mountain roast, the AeroPress brewer, and a specially branded bag and mug set. 

Pick one up directly from Stumptown, see the kit in action at Poler

A blast of clean water at a camp site is an invaluable resource. Aquabot is a new compact water pressurizer that fits on top of most standard drinking bottles with the potential to make our time off the grid less grimy. The product works by swapping the lid of a water bottle with a hand pump made with food-grade plastic, capable of three spray patterns of varying intensity. Outside of obvious creature comfort uses like improved camp showers and hand washing, the Aquabot's Kickstarter points out it's also useful for cleaning game and fish on hunting and fishing trips without running water.

Check out the ongoing Kickstarter campaign to read more and pick up an Aquabot, starting at $29.