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When it is not producing exceptional high-performance, fabric-driven clothing, Brooklyn-based Outlier likes to collaborate with other brands and flex its reach. After a successful shoe collaboration with Feit last year, Outlier is back at it again, this time with streetwear specialists Vans OTW. The brands have come together to release a special edition of the Bedford, one of Van OTW’s most popular silhouettes. Featuring premium suede paneling and co-branded tongue labeling, the real dig here is the Outlier-approved Supermarine Cotton upper. That’s the same fabric that blessed the Feit collaboration. It is notorious for its functionality: extremely breathable, highly water resistant and completely windproof.

The result has all the trappings of the perfect daily beater sneaker.

Check out the video below and keep your eyes peeled out for this in August—the collaboration shoe is available now for $90.

Ghostly International can now add sunglasses to its inventory of records, clothing, and art prints. The multidisciplinary art label recently released a pair of sunglasses with Warby Parker, called the Curtis, which promptly sold out in Revolver Black, but is still available in Ghostly Grey. Those who did manage to get a pair were also rewarded with a one month of Ghostly's drip.fm subscription service. Check out a few images of the glasses below, which Warby Parker describes as, "a little bit moody and a little bit mysterious–the eyewear equivalent of a secret handshake."

The Curtis in Ghostly Grey is $95 at the Ghostly Store.

After releasing collaborations with Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, it seems natural that Uniqlo's next artist collaboration would be with their '80s contemporary Jean-Michel Basquiat. The Basquait T-shirt collection, like the Warhol and Haring wearables, features signature elements of the late artist's work in several different colors and designs. Basquait's influential graffiti-derived shapes can be seen on nearly all the pieces as well as his crown logo and signature. Unlike a real Basquiat, these Uniqlo versions come in at just $25.  

The Uniqlo X Basquiat collection is now avaiable for purchase from Uniqlo.