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Anyone who has ever spent a cold night on a friend's sofa has probably thought a few design changes might have made the overnight more comfortable. Industrial designer Stephanie Hornig has done a public service for couch-surfers everywhere by making a few simple modifications to the daybed that make crashing on the couch a little bit less of a bummer.

This modified daybed, which is part of her new Camp line of furniture, has two major modifications. First, she eliminated the moving parts inherent in futons and pull-out couches and gave her daybed a shape that's suitable for sitting and a width that's suitable for sleeping. Second, she sliced the daybed mattress in half and added a zipper to give the bed a built-in blanket, not unlike a sleeping bag. The clear separation between the couch and the bed will definitely keep germaphobes happy, and the bright fabrics add some punch.

See the entire Camp line at stephaniehornig.com.