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Vessel #2 by Tomáš Libertíny, 2011

A few weeks ago we came across a Dewar's ad that involved 80,000 bees building a honeycomb in the shape of a whiskey bottle, with the punny title "3B" printing.

We didn't write about the ad, but a comment on the Designboom's post notes the project's similarity to the work of Slovakian artist Tomáš Libertíny, who's known for similar honeycomb sculptures. Last week Libertíny reached out directly to Dezeen to comment on the Dewar's spot claiming the ad "unabashedly exploits the poetry" of his own work. While creative theft and artistic license has a long and essential history in the art world, do a different set of rules apply for advertising work?

Head to Dezeen to read more from Libertíny and a thoughtful response from the firm responsible for the ad, The Ebeling Group.