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Trust us that by the end of the new Holy Ghost! clip for "Okay," you'll appreciate the bluish color distortion of the opening scenes for much more than a digital filter. The video follows the pair through a bunch of screen-within-a-screen transitions, until the progression ends in a gallery space with a cameo from their awesomely weird Dynamics cover art. Check out the clip below, with some stills of the type-heavy title cards. 

Head to Pitchfork for Holy Ghost!'s fall tour dates. Dynamics is out now from DFA

For some of us the aughties were all about the emergence, or re-emergence, of dance punk (summed up by James Murphy as "live drums and synthesizers") and no one did it better than DFA, the New York record label founded by James Murphy, Tim Goldsworthy, and the often unsung Jonathan Galkin. Directed by Max Joseph, the vid does a nice tidy job of summing up the label and its sound, artists, and attitude with brevity and a sense of humor—and also gives us a gimpse inside the label offices and studio.