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The first thing that comes to mind when we think of the Eames House, L.A.’s landmark of mid-20th century modern architecture? Ice Cube’s video tour of the residence, in which he describes it as “goin’ green 1949-style, bitch.” We don't disagree. The 70-year-old historic home and grounds of architectural legends Charles and Ray Eames exemplifies a nearly seamless integration with the nature that surrounds it. Currently, however, the Eames House needs a bit of work to conserve and preserve it for the rest of this century. So, The Eames Foundation, in conjunction with Herman Miller, Vitra, and digital marketing agency Nebo, created four limited-edition offset press prints with the goal of raising the remaining $20k needed of the $150k goal. You can score one of them for $75 a pop (L-2 Large is sold out) on the foundation’s web site. The funds will go toward sealing the roof and walls and painting the structure; damaged items will be restored and a climate control plan will be implemented, too. Nebo designed the posters in Eames’ modern, restrained style. Herman Miller and Vitra are matching those $75 donations for each print purchased.