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For some of us, names like J. Grant Brittain are just as important as Tony Hawk and Mark Gonzales in skateboarding lore. Brittain's images of star skateboarders of the 1980s helped catapult the sport into the imaginations of young people across North America and beyond. It made skaters like Christian Hosoi household names. Decades later, skate photography of the '80s has an unmatched allure, both for its technical aspects (capturing high-speed action beautifully) and historical importance in independent pop culture. Brittain, you might know, kept on shooting into present day.

As luck would have it, Brittain is on Etsy selling prints of his iconic (to us, anyway) original skate photos. 

Just find those old Bones Brigade VHS tapes and your skate shrine is on its way.

Mark Gonzales

Steve Caballero