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The new card game published as a collaboration by Rollo and Nieves is quite a flexible deck. The artist who drew the 100 cards, Masanao Hirayama, sees the deck having three possible uses: a simple memory game, a modified version of the quick draw Japanese card game Karuta, or for an entirely new game with rules written by the players. The deck contains 50 drawings, each printed on two cards, with a printed cardboard box.

The deck is on sale now from Nieves and Rollo.

Andreas Hansen's new iOS game Font Nerd keeps score, but the app is more learning tool than arcade game. The game quizzes players with sentences written in different fonts, and the object is to identify as many typefaces as possible. If a player is stumped, they can see more characters or similar fonts to make an educated guess. Font Nerd's best features are the built-in tools to help you remember the different typefaces you encounter while playing. There's a favorite button to keep a running list of fonts that caught your eye, and if you really like a typeface, there's even an option to make a purchase directly from the app. 

Find Font Nerd on Behance.