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Unsatisfied with the design of both traditional wallets (too bulky and expensive) and compact wallets (not good at carrying cash), the folks from Capsule wallets turned to Kickstarter. Once the clientele was found, they turned to Dwell on Design to show off their creation. The Capsule Minimalist has been something of a hit—the blue edition is currently sold out.  

Before you turn up your nose, consider that the handmade, full-grain leather wallet features the CashStrap—a simple way to store and get your bills out. The front slot holds one to two frequently used cards and the top sleeve another two to four cards. Narrow down the contents to what you really need and the Minimalist is your friend, your enforcer of a new no-more-than-you-need mantra, and suddenly that annoying pocket bulge has been downsized.

The Minimalist starts at $50 ($65 for uncoated Brazilian leather gray version) at capsulewallets.com.



Nicholas of Hollows Leather is a busy fellow. The one-man leather operation out of Minneapolis has just restocked his webstore with an impressive range of handcrafted leather goods. Expect to find some triple wrap bracelets, key reins, belt loop keychains, mid-length wallets, and leather coasters. We particularly like Hollows Leather’s standard belts—now available in black and burgundy Latigo in addition to the natural veg tan. Each belt is custom-sized and handmade at 1.5” wide, from 9 oz. leather with your choice of hardware.

Visit Hollows Leather to shop the new stock. Standard belts are priced at $60.