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The gents at Machine Era Co., like many before them, set out to make a new kind of wallet. They wanted something slim, something clean and something functional—y’know, the typical narrative. But what they came up with is anything but.

The company’s new Machine Era Wallet is a slick minimalist take on the common wallet made from your choice of fully machined flat black aluminum or solid brass. Secure your cards and cash with a simple elastic band, and there you have it—a super clean, simple design that’s tough as nails. It’s also worth mentioning it’s made entirely in ye olde U.S. of A.

In support of the project, the Richmond, Virginia-based company launched a Kickstarter that was successfully backed in five hours. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the early bird specials. Read up on the full specs and back the project below.

Back the Project on Kickstarter. It ends on Thursday, September 5 at 1:39pm.

And That cuff

Veering away from the highly embellished pieces that have been shown the past few seasons, SS2013's metal jewelry trend opts for boldness of shape and suggests an understated sophistication. Designers such as Pamela Love, Bliss Lau, and Balenciaga combine the sleekness of metal with interesting geometrical qualities, tribal influences, and cut-outs. Gold, silver, rose-gold are all fair game in this future primitive style and make an excellent companion to any warm weather ensemble.


Jill Golden necklace, $276


Balenciaga rings

Pamela Love cuff, $400

Bliss Lau body chain, $215