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In embellishments, mix-matched colors, oddly shaped silhouettes, and more, nail designs have been a crucial beauty trend to watch for the past few seasons. Add cuticle tattoos to this nail frenzy. Rad Nails, the nail design brand known for its nail wraps, has created a line of temporary nail cuticle tattoos. The cuticle tattoos can act as an extension of your basic manicure or enhance an already crazy nail design. Just like the temporary tattoos favored by kiddies, the cuticle tattoos are transferred by placing the tattoo on your desired finger, dabbing your finger with water then slowly peeling back the paper. The tattoos run at $6 for a set of two and come in various designs.

You can purchase Rad Nail cuticle tattoos on radnails.com and surf #CUTICLEART on instagram to see how others are sporting the look.