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Somewhere in Italy, there's a very Kubrick-like scene at an abandoned resort as dozens of all-white futuristic cabins sit in disrepair. The cabins, called BANGAs, were constructed with a combination of foam and glass reinforced plastic, and built to house roughly four vacationers at once. The original designer of the cabins is actually unknown. But restoration architect Pamela Voigt has already found a German company willing to take on the restoration project provided they can find an investor

Photos courtesy of Pamela Voigt.

Photo by: Andrea Steele. Judd Foundation Archives. Image © Judd Foundation. | 101 Spring Street, New York, Exterior, 2005

Today, Monday June 3, small tour groups will finally get a look at the three-year, $23 million renovation that brought Donald Judd's former SoHo residence back to the exact condition he left it in. His original collection of artwork, including pieces from Frank Stella and John Chamberlain has been returned to its original placement in the house, as has furniture from Gerrit Rietveld and pieces Judd designed himself. 

Judd, who famously worked in the cosmically weird Marfa, TX, spent about 25 years in the five-floor house, which had a number of eccentric features. For instance, the kitchen has shelves only two inches tall to store silverware, and each floor is dedicated to a different activity, be it sleeping, eating, or working. 

The building at 101 Spring Street, which had its neo-Grec exterior restored and 1,300 cast-iron elements recast, is now to be known as the Judd Foundation.

Reservations, including half-price admission for students, are available from the Judd Foundation. Read more about the restoration and museum in the New York Times

101 Spring Street, New York, 5th Floor, 2013
Photo: Josh White. Donald Judd Art © Judd Foundation. Licensed by VAGA, New York Artwork ©John Chamberlain. © Lucas Samaras. Dan Flavin ©Stephen Flavin/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Donald Judd Furniture™© Judd Foundation.

101 Spring Street, New York, 2nd Floor, 2013
Photo: Josh White. Image ©Judd Foundation. Art ©Ad Reinhardt. Donald Judd Furniture™© Judd Foundation.

101 Spring Street, New York, 3rd Floor, 2010
Photot: Mauricio Alejo. Judd Foundation Archives. Image ©Judd Foundation.