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Bronia Stewart Babe Station, 2012 Hand printed C-type Archival print © Bronia Stewart Courtesy of the artist

Bronia Stewart's "Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed" photo series manages to convey ideas about camaraderie, friendship, and ambition in the context of the otherwise unsavory world of the phone sex industry. Her subjects, who work in various capacities at the London-based adult entertainment service Babestation, include both the male producers and the female performers.

At It's Nice That, Maisie Skidmore sees a grim duality of the Babestation workplace: the friendship between the male producers and the female actresses is professional and unthreatening, yet the context reminds us "how the media encourages the sexualization of women, in order to get ahead in a male-dominated work environment."

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All images by Bronia Stewart. Babe Station, 2012. Hand printed C-type Archival print © Bronia Stewart. Courtesy of the artist.

Is it really necessary to reissue the Kama Sutra at all? Used copies aren't exactly hard to find. But perhaps, the opportunity to update the looks of the classic sex manual was just too good to pass up for Penguin Classics. Malika Favre's cover illustration and typography is both erotic, slightly cheeky, and graphically bold.  With art direction from Paul Buckley, the deluxe edition will surely find its way into a many bedside tables.

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Help Remedies, the design-centric indie pharmaceutical company known for its line of help I have a (fill in the blank) products, is branching out. For its latest product launch, the drug company turned to the prophylactic category for a little inspiration. The help I’m horny kit, which includes two lubricated thin natural latex condoms, was launched out of a desire to help people have the best sex possible. But don’t get too excited just yet, the kit is currently only available at select W Hotels. “We’re not interested in making condoms for pedestrian, uninspired sex,” says help’s co-founder and creative director, Nathan Frank. “We’re only interested in being a part of the best sex possible, which is why we’re working exclusively with luxury hotels at this time.” For those of you who don’t have plans to check into a W Hotel any time in the near future, you can apply to purchase the product for home use via helpimhorny.com. But be prepared to answer a few personal—and performance-related—questions first (check out Help's graphic illustration for a little inspiration). If your application passes their rigorous approval process, you’ll be granted access to a link where you can purchase the product online.

And, as with all of Help’s products, instructions come included. According to its earth-friendly paper pulp label, “You are probably busy licking or rubbing someone. We don’t mean to interrupt. These condoms are made of thin natural latex so as to be as inconspicuous as possible.” How’s that for clever marketing?