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Photographers with a knack for experimentation fashion DIY pinhole cameras from coffee cans, shoe boxes and pretty much any other recycled material they can get their hands on. But Elvis Halilović, the Slovenian industrial designer behind the ONDU pinhole camera, takes a more exacting approach. For his line of six cameras, Halilović uses only locally-sourced chestnut and maple wood, and shapes each camera body in his family's wood shop. His design uses strong magnets instead of visible screws, and he finishes the wood with a natural oil varnish.

The ONDU Kickstarter has already reached its goal six times over, but there's still time to pick one up.

You've seen dozens of branding identities for new hoppy craft beers, or the latest micro-distilled Rye whiskey, but it's not every day a Slovenian brandy makes waves in the design world.

Design firm Loni DBS has just completed a new identity for an organic brandy called Doctor Shutz 38 Herbal Essences. The brandy takes its numerical name from the 38 herbs grown in Slovenian wine country and used in the recipe. The design firm chose a pharmaceutical theme, complete with green cross imagery, a typographic hierarchy reminiscent of medicine bottles, and a small pamphlet included in each package that's familiar to anyone who has ever received a prescription. Also worth noting, most of the bottle's copy is also printed in Braille.