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By structuring a wall shelf around a central axis, the designers at Fusillo managed to create a modular system that can be adjusted to hold everything from a bicycle, to clothing, and even books. The shelf is made of a series of solid oak pieces, each with a hook built-in, that rotate to whatever arrangement works best for keeping your stuff in order. If you have a few bikes or more than a couple of coats to hang by the door, multiple shelves can be hung together for more storage. 

The Fusillo shelf is on sale now at Vice Versa. 

With furniture, and pretty much everything else in life, the simplest answer is usually the best. Designer Erik Griffioen's Bed'nTable is a new solution to use space more effectively in a multipurpose room like a loft or studio apartment by combining a bed and a table. By having the headboard of the bed frame serve as two legs of an attached table, Griffioen manages to add a dining table or working desk to a space where it would otherwise be awkward. We think the sturdy build and storage compartment at the foot of the bed makes an idea well-suited to dorm rooms as well. [via design milk]