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Photo by: Becca Mann | A Georgian Aristocrat from Tiflis, 2009

Venice, California-bsed artist (and co-founder of Okla Press) Becca Mann returns to her former homebase of Chicago for "Wane's World: A History of 'Things'"—a gallery show featuring her painting and drawing. There's an opening tonight featuring a live set from the band Running.

Mann's work might make you uneasy at first. She makes drawings and paintings from photographs. Her subtly edited final images are analogues of the original photo. Most interestingly, Mann uses a color layering process in creating her images that she likens to the mechanics of CMYK printing. The results are images that are quite realistic on one level, but not obviously hand-made. That might be part of the point. Mann plays with the relationship between objects and their context within the photographic or painter's frame.

"Becca Mann: Wane's World: A History of 'Things'"
Feb 8–Feb 28, 2013
The Soccer Club Club
2923 N Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60641

Opening Reception: Friday, February 8, 8-11pm with a special live performance by Running