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Photo by: Bettmann | Bob Dylan at Kronborg Castle, Denmark.

If we told you there was a mammoth underground bunker in Pennsylvania's Iron Mountain built to withstand a nuclear attack, you might believe us. If we told you the former limestone mine also happen to hold 1.7 million square feet of archives, including master tapes for Sinatra, Elvis, and Glen Miller as well as original prints of E.T., that might not even bother you. If we told that heavily armed guards kept watch over it all, including the massive, photographic, physical Corbis archive, you should actually believe that, too. We were skeptical at first, but it's true. And it seems Sonic Editions and Impossible Cool author Sean Sullivan teamed up to visit the mythic archive and pull some of the greatest and not-often-seen images for another installment in The Impossible Cool Collection. So today, you don't need security clearance to see The Greatest driving a bus, you can buy the photo and hang it on your wall.

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