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We're evangelists for anything Outlier, their action-ready chinos can turn a chino-hater into a true believer in less than a day, so when we started feeling a hankering for a good summer jacket, we had to see what they were currently offering up. Note that Outlier doesn't issue clothing on a season-by-season schedule, rather it comes up with one new, and usually great, item at a time. Like many guys we know, we like to buy not just for this season, but for next year's, so we're on the same page. The two-button, breathable Ultralight Blazer, "a classic sportcoat with a 21st Century twist," has all the makings of a perennial winner in our eyes—and is made in NYC to boot.

Combine the blazer with the Ultralight Summer Trousers for $696 until April 19 at outlier.cc