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Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano, more commonly known as LAB, was Bolivia's oldest airline before it was ordered to close by the Bolivian government in 2007. Once a much larger operation, the airline and its dilapidated headquarters are now manned by a single employee.

Photographer Nick Ballon first came across LAB's strange story after noticing one of their disused buildings while waiting for a flight out of Bolivia. Instead of trying to track down whomever was left in charge with a series of emails and phone calls, he simply knocked on the closest door he could find. According to an interview at Creative Review, within minutes, he was speaking with the CEO about LAB's story.

Ballon's research, which falls under the larger umbrella of The LAB Project, has led to a book, a gallery show, and countless documents and photos on his LAB Project site.

Photos from The LAB Project will be on display at the KK Outlet in London for the entire month of August.

Retro pin-ups, leopard print sheath dresses, seamed stockings? Yes, please! In early February, the vintage-inspired shop SlapBack opened its doors in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—making dreams come true for Brooklyn bombshells who would much rather rock 50s glam than the oh so trendy 90s grunge.

Owned and operated by Greenpoint local Renee DiDio, a 15-year veteran in fashion and media, SlapBack feels like a walk through a cheesecake boudoir. Racks of rockabilly, vintage repro, and classic glam pieces line the walls—curve-hugging wiggle dresses by Bettie Page, high-waisted pencil skirts by Rocksteady, sweet cropped cardigans and polka dot cap-sleeve tops by Lolita Girl to name a few. A crimson velvet couch for lounging and a faux fireplace with flasks on the mantle warm things up quite nicely. And Dirty Dolls’ pinstripe pin-up lingerie is, well, hot as hell.

We asked DiDio, "Why 50s and why now?"

"For as long as I can remember I have been dressing in 50s fashion. Not only does it fit my body type better than a lot of modern clothes, but it really exudes femininity. For a long time the only way to purchase vintage reproduction clothing was online, as most of the designers are on the west coast. I really felt like there was a missing niche in New York. I wanted to be able to offer fashion for women, women with curves. I am giving them a place to feel like they could walk in and try on dresses without feeling they had to conform to the standards that are in most of the shops right now. Women should feel like women and be proud of their bodies no matter what their shape and size, because we are all beautiful, and this style really helps a woman embrace that!"

490 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211; 347.227.7133; Mon-Sat 12pm-8pm, Sun 12pm-7pm