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Consollection is the result of a lifetime of gaming and an impulse to collect. The collection of about 200 consoles belongs to a gamer named Phil (no last name provided) who created an online archive for every console he's ever owned, complete with a profile page of each system, with his close friend Patrick Molnar. Although the collection is meticulously organized, it's far from sterile. The profiles place each system in the context of a bigger video game history, and there are some subtle physical remnants of a life of gaming, like the well-worn original Game Boy. The massive collection ranges from the obscure, (#121, "Loopy" is a Japan-only console from 1995 with a built-in thermal printer to print screenshots), to the common (#120 is Nintendo's critically mocked formal experiment Virtual Boy). Just as any true obsessive collector would have, each original box is included.

#42 Philips G7000 (1978)

#55 Vectrex (1982)

Photo by: Scott Sternberg | Frank Ocean for Band of Outsiders

Dreamy Frank Ocean recently wore a custom lemon yellow suit to the Grammys—a brilliant detour from the sea of sequins and bow ties that slip us into a coma. Designed by LA’s Band of Outsiders, his outfit nailed the fashion label’s trademark style, impeccably tailored vintage-inspired pieces, often well-suited to skinny, youthful gents. So, we’re not surprised that Ocean is the new face of the label’s SS13 campaign—following in the well-heeled footsteps of celebs like Michelle Williams, Josh Brolin, and Kirsten Dunst.

Sun-faded Polaroids of a dapper Ocean in the brand’s latest pieces were shot at the LA Times Building by Band’s creative director, Scott Sternberg. They started appearing on the label’s Instagram and Tumblr Wednesday and quickly racked up hundreds of hearts and likes. And, lucky us, more will be posted through Sunday. Reflective Frank. Reclining Frank. Middle Finger Frank. Smiling Frank.

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