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There are few things as frustrating as a good idea getting forgotten or lost in the shuffle of a creative collaboration. Even worse, breakthrough ideas seem to always occur at the exact moment when you're furthest from your workspace or team. Sticky Storm is a new note taking app from MINIMAL that was designed with creative collaboration in mind. Similar to jotting down ideas on napkin scraps and the backs of envelopes, the app is based around a series of shareable and arrangeable digital "paper" notes that let your team collect ideas in just about any form, from sketches, to text, and even images from the Internet. The app has features for inviting team members to collaborate and contribute ideas during brainstorming sessions, and most importantly, a built-in export feature to transfer your project back to a workstation using services like Dropbox. 

While Sticky Storm is not yet available, you can learn more about the concept on Behance.

Tilman Zitzmann, a German designer for the agency The Warriors of the Light, noticed that, in his time outside of the studio, he had a habit of making simple geometric illustrations. The habit became a daily ritual when he realized that the simple illustrations were actually increasing his creative energy for his contract work. After a few weeks, the images started piling up, and he started a Tumblr to share each day's sketch. All of his work is done digitally, but to give the illustrations a more tactile appearance he processes the images in Photoshop to give them a physically printed texture.

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Paper Darts has a nice interview with the designer.