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In recent years, it has been possible to see the data-driven work of Andrew Kuo in art galleries as well as the pages of the New York Times. His meticulously illustrated charts vary in purpose: some recounting the events of his day, while others dissect new music from Vampire Weekend and Odd Future. His neon-colored, overstated geometric patterns often represent linear time, telling stories in a compacted and distorted timeline. His annotations tie emotions, statistics, and opinions to the images, making sense of rigid patterns and intersecting lines.

Andrew Kuo's solo show You Say Tomato was held at New York's Marlborough Chelsea Gallery last month. Follow Andrew Kuo on Tumblr and Instagram. Or search his NY Times charticles online.

[images via New York Times]

Tilman Zitzmann, a German designer for the agency The Warriors of the Light, noticed that, in his time outside of the studio, he had a habit of making simple geometric illustrations. The habit became a daily ritual when he realized that the simple illustrations were actually increasing his creative energy for his contract work. After a few weeks, the images started piling up, and he started a Tumblr to share each day's sketch. All of his work is done digitally, but to give the illustrations a more tactile appearance he processes the images in Photoshop to give them a physically printed texture.

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