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The pig roast (with 14 pigs on spits) is pretty much the equivalent of the DIY punk show for many grown-ups these days. The music might not be as loud, but the mission of the flyer is the same. Convince a bunch of people to travel to a far-off place with a great poster that promises a unique experience. Organizers of Pig Mountain, a culinary festival billed as a Pig Roast & Veggie Fest, worked with the designers at Mother for a series of print posters loosely inspired by a photocopied punk flyer aesthetic. A zine highlights photos of previous roasts and features useful info, maps, and addresses, while the highlighter-colored tickets and three flyers complete the campaign. [via It's Nice That]

Pig Mountain takes place next week in Upstate New York.

This new geometric doghouse from Ben Uyeda at Homemade Modern is incredibly flexible. It's up to you to customize it to the size of the dog you're building for, as well as the color your pooch fancies—keeping in mind that dogs are not, in fact, colorblind. The design begins with scaled triangular panels of unfinished wood that allow the builder to customize the size of the structure to fit any dog.

See the full tutorial over at Homemade Modern.