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One might assume the struggling former coal mining town of Rugeley, Staffordshire might adore its new role as home to an Amazon fulfillment center. Roughly the size of nine soccer fields, the new facility has brought a lot of jobs to the area. But photographer Ben Roberts and journalist Sarah O'Connor, on assignment for the Financial Times, seem to find mixed reactions from the locals in the incredible photo series "Amazon Unpacked." Although Prime Minister David Cameron has rolled out the welcome mat, the online retailer has gotten a skeptical welcome in the UK from those concerned about the vanishing high-street shops. Still the Internet giant has invested billions in a UK expansion and promised thousands of jobs.

Visit Ben Roberts online, where his photos and O'Connor's captions tell a nuanced story of Amazon in Rugeley.


London design studio YES teamed up with British photographer Luke Stephenson for this unusual project documenting the only-in-Great-Britain culture of show birds. Yes, we said show birds. Don't snicker. Our eyes have been opened, to say the least.

“The project began with a very simple idea, that I wanted to photograph budgies. I met a great deal of people who were very knowledgeable about their hobby and only too happy to share it with me. Their enthusiasm became infectious so that by simply photographing a species I felt I was adding it to my collection,” says the photographer. The stunning collab, uniting detailed photography with a clean and crisp design is worth a look even if you're usually avian averse.

The book, featuring an essay from British broadcaster Michael Smith, hits the streets this month.

Order An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds at incompletedictionary.com