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Ghostly International can now add sunglasses to its inventory of records, clothing, and art prints. The multidisciplinary art label recently released a pair of sunglasses with Warby Parker, called the Curtis, which promptly sold out in Revolver Black, but is still available in Ghostly Grey. Those who did manage to get a pair were also rewarded with a one month of Ghostly's drip.fm subscription service. Check out a few images of the glasses below, which Warby Parker describes as, "a little bit moody and a little bit mysterious–the eyewear equivalent of a secret handshake."

The Curtis in Ghostly Grey is $95 at the Ghostly Store.

When it comes to jewelry, finding a uniquely simple yet adventurously original necklace is a mission and a half. But it's an important one, as the right necklace can make our daytime outfit ready for a nightlife rendezvous. So when we found Puerto Rican artist Nora Maité Nieves and her jewelry line My nOma, we quickly embraced her pieces. Neon woven closures, chunky hardware pendants, and bound chains are well suited for quick day-to-night turnarounds. Her upbringing in the Caribbean, where the island life is translated in mix-and-match looks, informs her choice in colors and textures.

Shop online at My nOma

Somehow, after managing to finish Yeezus hours before the deadline, Kanye West also found some time to design a small line for French label A.P.C. According to The Fader, his mini-collection includes only a pair of jeans, a hoodie, and T-shirt, and will be released on July 14. In keeping with his new no-promo strategy, no images of the clothes will be released before the 14th, save for the photo at the top of the post, showing what seems to be detail on the denim.

Dusen Dusen's latest collection may be about quintessentially shaped pieces, ideal for anyone wanting a crisp spin on a basic. Ellen Van Dusen's silhouettes are clean and simple. But at the end of the day, it's all about the patterns. Wearable takes on Haring-esque squiggles, swirls, and fruity shapes feel approachable, and are appropriately more subdued than '80s textiles from flashy early music videos. The intentional spacing and repetition in these fabrics can fit into any wardrobe in need of some fun. 

See more at dusendusen.com


Inspired by the specs worn by shy-but-sexy newspaperman Clark Kent, Warby Parker has teamed up with his alter-ego Superman for the release of the new Man of Steel film. The Warby Parker x Man of Steel collaboration features two different styles, avaiable for both men and women: the Chamberlain and Percey. The prescription frames run at $95 each, and $15 of each purchase is donated to 826NYC, a nonprofit group which works to support students ages 6-18 with their writing skills. 

Warby Parker X Man of Steel is now avaiable on warbyparker.com.

Leah Goren

We often applaud triple threats in the sports and entertainment industries—those rare birds who excel at three skills, often all at once. But are you familiar with the art world’s quadruple threat? Someone with hands successfully in so many areas it’s a wonder that they can get anything done, much less with exceptional quality? Meet Leah Goren. The California-born, Brooklyn-based illustrator and pattern designer is killing it with everything she does. Perhaps best known as the mastermind behind a now-viral cat-print dress, the textile designer has been busy putting her unique, colorful illustration style on everything from oversized crop tops to tote bags. She also recently gathered a small group of as-talented friends to make Sad Girls, a wistful zine “featuring work by girls who make things and have a lot of feelings.” Goren’s latest endeavor is ceramics: simple plates, cups and bowls featuring botanical-inspired illustrations. Goren does enough rad stuff to make even the most proactive maker feel a bit lazy.

Visit the Leah Goren Etsy shop or buy Sad Girls online. She also has a great FAQ with info on her process.

Photo by: Ryan Plett

Native midwesterner Ryan Plett recently made the move to the Big Apple bringing his talent for shooting contemporary menswear, street fashion and editorial with him. His latest work is a very urban Nowhere Fast lookbook for Need Supply Co. which captures this season's enthusiasm for pattern in a wonderful light. 

See more Plett online. Visit Need Supply Co. for more info.


Paul & Joe jumpsuit, $510

Not so long ago, jumpsuits were relics of the '80s banished miles from fashion central. But now they're back in a big way. And why not? Essentially a sophisticated counterpart to overalls, jumpsuits have a lot going for them. They're practical, stylish, and comfortable, but also all encompassing. Even better: because it is by definition the major element in an ensemble, the jumpsuit benefits from a bit of styling. Add a hat, a belt, a pair of sunglasses, a few bracelets, etc., and you're good to go. A simple way to look good amid the festival chaos without trying too hard? That's the jumpsuit.

Five of our favorite jumpsuits for SS2013 collections are pictured below.  

Rachel Comey, $403

Rachel Zoe, $325

 Rihanna for River Island, $200

Burning Torch, $282 

Asos, $76.37

From the same technology that is used to design buildings, Hot Pop Factory, the jewelry line known for its 3D-printed style, has produced yet another interesting collection. The Boreal collection is made with recycled cherry and polymer wood from the Boreal forest in Canada. The collection is as unique as the forest itself; the chain and closure on each necklace appear exceptionally delicate when paired with the bold design of the wood pendant. There are eight different styles available from $74-$98.

The Boreal collection is now available online from Hot Pop Factory.




And That cuff

Veering away from the highly embellished pieces that have been shown the past few seasons, SS2013's metal jewelry trend opts for boldness of shape and suggests an understated sophistication. Designers such as Pamela Love, Bliss Lau, and Balenciaga combine the sleekness of metal with interesting geometrical qualities, tribal influences, and cut-outs. Gold, silver, rose-gold are all fair game in this future primitive style and make an excellent companion to any warm weather ensemble.


Jill Golden necklace, $276


Balenciaga rings

Pamela Love cuff, $400

Bliss Lau body chain, $215