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Motorcycles are back in a big way. That's certainly the impression one gets in the cities across the world where unique motorbikes of character and vintage origins are beginning to replace giant plush hogs or sleek, hi-tech futurebikes as the two-wheelers of choice on the street. 

This aesthetic rebirth, an international phenomenon, has roots and parallels in the custom motorcycle scene of '60s Britain where factory bikes were frowned upon by hardcore scenesters. Today, the motorcycle is a new site for creativity where young and old folks are snapping up vintage and past-their-prime bikes on eBay and reviving or rebuilding them as unique looking pieces, some respectful of bike-building tradition and others subverting classic modes.

A new 320-page survey of the custom motorcycle scene from Gestalten covers the new bike-building scene as an aesthetic craft movement. Guest editor and adman-turned-motorcycle blogger Chris Hunter of Bike EXIF features extensive profiles of pioneers including Shinya Kimura, Walt Siegl, Wrenchmonkees, DP Customs, Cole Foster, Deus Ex Machina, El Solitario MC, Cafe Racer, Dreams, Rough Crafts, Southsiders, Roland Sands, and Ian Barry and a stunning variety of signature aesthetics.

The Ride: New Custom Motorcycles and Their Builders is available now in Europe for €49.90.

The group show at the Gestalten space in Berlin this month is a celebration of the new infusion of energy we're seeing in print, yes, print publication. It seems, perhaps in light of the Internet content explosion, that designers and publishers have gotten more inventive and creative with print. Gestalten thinks we've entered a new era in print publishing. The "Fully Booked" show celebrates the tactile experience of print and distinctiveness of design, materials, and technique. The show is broken up into roles that print can play: The Storyteller, The Teacher, The Collector, and so on. Featured designers among the 200 include Stefan Sagmeister, David Pearson, L2M3, Made Thought, and many more. Luckily for those that can't make it to Berlin, Gestalten has published Fully Booked: Ink on Paper, 272 pages of print design thrills.

Fully Booked is available at Gestalten.com