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Back in January we wrote about Charles Bergquist's "Everyday Project," during which the artist made a point to complete one unfinished image every day for as long as he could. Bergquist's images and films blend photography, graphic design, motion graphics, and 3D rendering into unnaturally colorful landscapes and portraits. And we're already big fans of his collaborations with Ghostly and his videos for Youth Lagoon. Later this week, Bergquist has a show of new work, called "Anium," opening at the Subtext Gallery in his home base of San Diego.  

Preview new work from the show below, and follow Bergquist on Twitter for more previews of the show. "Anium" will run from September 13 through October 13 at the Subtext Gallery

For a new documentary profile, Ghostly sent filmmaker Will Calcutt to Rochester, NY to spend some time with artist Andy Gilmore in his studio. Gilmore, a frequent Ghostly collaborator who has contributed cover art for albums from artists like Gold Panda (whose music happens to soundtrack the profile), also releases his own work through the label's in-house art division, Ghostly International Editions. In addition to prints and music packaging, Gilmore's geometric illustrations have appeared in the pages of Wired, The New York Times, and a long list of publications. Check out the profile, and some of Gilmore's work below.

With all the blood, sweat and tears bands put into making an album, it follows that they'd like to present their music in a package that will stand the test of time. But encasing your album in a block of sugar, that's a statement of a different kind.

The duo Beacon (Thomas Mullarney and Jacob Gossett) met in school at Pratt, and the former art students have teamed with sculptor buddy Fernando Mastrangelo on the case for a deluxe edition of their upcoming album, The Ways We Seperate. Mastrangelo has cast a piece of all white sugar with the acronym for the album title debossed on the front. On the back, there's an inlay where the precious vinyl will rest. You will want to keep this away from children, pots of coffee, and open flames, we think.

The Ways We Separate is out on Ghostly International on April 30th.

Photo by: Matthew Shlian | Apophenia

Studio photos by Cullen Stephenson

Paper engineer Matthew Shlian designs fancy packaging for big name brands, works on origami projects for the National Science Foundation, and, lucky for us, creates limited-edition compositions for the Ghostly Store.

He's just issued Apophenia Formations in a limited edition of 25 pieces to each of the four compositions for a total of 100 pieces. It's available now in the Ghostly Store.

What's Apophenia all about? It means "the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data" according to Shlian, who we will take at his word as he's a professor.

See Ghostly's video feature on Shlian.

Photo by: Charles Bergquist

Experimentation is a generative exercise for Charles Bergquist. As part of a daily routine, the freelance director, photographer, and designer keeps late hours in his California studio tinkering with different ways to layer or process photos and video. Like most creative people, he found himself with an increasingly large folder of partially-completed work.

The Everyday Project is his way of spending more time with these not-quite-there experiments. By turning a scattered collection into an ongoing project, he created soft-pressure to motivate himself to more experimentation.

The project is essentially a series of non sequiturs. The images and videos aren't intended to be a thematically linked series, but instead a collection of one-offs born from the actual process of sitting down to figure things out. It's a bit like a look directly into Bergquist's notebook.

Selected prints from the series are available now from the Ghostly Store.