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Back when Ellery James Roberts still counted himself a member of the Manchester outfit WU LYF, the band's online presence consisted of only an immersive, video-heavy, and slightly mysterious website. Since WU LYF disbanded, we've heard new music from his former bandmates in the form of Los Porcos, and a track from Roberts's own solo album back in June, "Kerou's Lament."

In advance of the release of his first solo full length, Roberts has stared to keep an eponymous Tumblr, with massive photos and videos of digitally manipulated faces, analog photography of bleak office buildings, and a textural goat image posted yesterday morning. If you've got questions about any of the visuals, Roberts has a pretty active "Ask" section.

Follow Ellery James Roberts on Tumblr.

Colectivo Futuro is tough to define. Edited by the London-based trio of Miguel Colmenares, Arash Fattahi, and Oliver Brunetti, the group currently functions as an editorial body that books events, but in the near future the group plans to operate a physical location, start a print magazine, and host a radio show. During the first week of October, they'll get a crack at running a physical location with a pop-up print and drawing exhibition in New York. The show features all New York-based artists including work from Paul Windle, Kike Besada, Elliott Burford, and Akiha Yamakami.

Collective Futures will be open for one night, on October 4, at 178 Delancey Street, New York.

Back in January we wrote about Charles Bergquist's "Everyday Project," during which the artist made a point to complete one unfinished image every day for as long as he could. Bergquist's images and films blend photography, graphic design, motion graphics, and 3D rendering into unnaturally colorful landscapes and portraits. And we're already big fans of his collaborations with Ghostly and his videos for Youth Lagoon. Later this week, Bergquist has a show of new work, called "Anium," opening at the Subtext Gallery in his home base of San Diego.  

Preview new work from the show below, and follow Bergquist on Twitter for more previews of the show. "Anium" will run from September 13 through October 13 at the Subtext Gallery