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Just in case you managed to forget the Internet is a massive, all encompassing, and terrifyingly huge thing over the weekend, One Second will serve as a quick reminder. The site graphically displays the volume of activity happening every second on the Internet on social networking sites and services like Google and YouTube, by displaying a list of each service's icon to correspond to one post, like, or vote. 

As you scroll through the ridiculous list of logos (Facebook took a minute to load) a counter at the top of the page and at the top of each section shows how many posts have happened since you've been on the site. Make sure to click the "And then there's emails per second…" for an added thrill before you leave. 

The MAPS project by Kim Asendorf isn't the kind you bookmark for a roadtrip. It has little information; in fact, no instructions at all. Rather, her project takes Google Maps data and creates abstract images from it on a url with a similar structure. The images change somewhat when the user zooms or changes the position, so stick with it a while and see what transpires. You can save that roadtrip for another time.

Visit the maps project at maps.kimasendorf.com