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From 1971-1972, just around the time he was serving some of the first plates of sushi in New York at Gordon Matta-Clark's conceptual Food restaurant, artist Hisachika Takahashi had a habit of asking fellow artists to draw a map of the United States from memory. Takahashi provided each artist with a piece of handmade Japanese paper and collected the sketches, drawings, and paintings in his personal archives. That collection, featuring maps from Takahashi himself, Jasper Johns, Joseph Kosuth, and Juan Downey, opens for the first time in New York this week as part of Takahashi's "From Memory" show. [via Animal]

Check out Joseph Kosuth's coastal-centric rendering, and a few more memory maps below.

"From Memory: Draw A Map of the United States" opens September 13 and runs until October 19 at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York.


The MAPS project by Kim Asendorf isn't the kind you bookmark for a roadtrip. It has little information; in fact, no instructions at all. Rather, her project takes Google Maps data and creates abstract images from it on a url with a similar structure. The images change somewhat when the user zooms or changes the position, so stick with it a while and see what transpires. You can save that roadtrip for another time.

Visit the maps project at maps.kimasendorf.com