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When the Spanish light artists at Luz Interruptus installed and illuminated 800 condoms filled with blue water, they chose a politically charged location. A square in Madrid that previously housed a public swimming pool had been closed two years earlier by local politicians. Even worse, new plans to develop the square into a tourist market would take the space from locals completely. To reference the need for community recreation, and the history of the square, the artists designed and installed an interactive sculpture called "Prophylactic rain that doesn’t wet anything" with the help of a few local kids.

Seville-based graphic designer Jesús Prudencio makes the car the star in his poster series "Cars and Films," which commemorates iconic vehicles in Ghostbusters, Roman Holiday, and Deathproof among other films.

The posters are just €21 from his online shop.


Spanish design studio and type foundry atipo has just released a brand new font family, Salomé. The new typeface is especially flexible with an alternate ampersand, optional swashes for R and K, small capitals, and predesigned fractions and superscript for scientific applications. Like the studio's other typefaces, Salomé Regular is available for the price of a Tweet or Facebook post, and the entire family can be purchased on a sliding scale from €5 to €100.

See the booket and some more features on the Salomé site, or see more of atipo's design work online.


At this point, there really shouldn't be much of negative stigma about pre-fabricated construction. The days of poorly built and aesthetically dull box homes are long gone, and new companies like Spain's Infiniski (an offshoot of the firm james&mau) offer modern, green, modular buildings at prices much lower than traditional construction. The strength of Infiniski's prefab lines is that they're almost infinitely customizable. They've used the same basic forms to build a one bedroom surf house on a beach, a multi-story condo building in Chile, dozens of rural homes, and even commercial buildings like a deli and retail shop. The environmental advantage of Infiniski is twofold: a percentage of the building materials is sourced from recycled suppliers, and each home can be customized with ventilation systems that minimize energy use.