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After seeing Hentsch Man’s '50s-surf-inspired spring collection, we’re ready for warm sand and the speckled sunlight of endless summer days. (Dudes with tattoos and surfboards everywhere would be perfect, too.) It’s no surprise that Alexia Hentsch, Creative Director of the British menswear label, drew inspiration from a recent trip to Los Angeles, with a scenic trip along the coast. For spring, Hentsch Man’s impeccably sharp yet casual aesthetic shines through with shirts, shorts, and knits bursting with bold floral patterns, ikat, and color blocking. Very matchy-matchy. Cherry red swim trunks, double-breasted blazers, and a buttery yellow rain jacket anchor the prints and could easily be worn out to dinner after a lazy day at the beach. Okay, we’re going to go listen to Dick Dale records now and bask in some California dreaming. 

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This month, avid skateboard collectors Jason Cohn and Stanton Hartsfield pay homage to the skateboard at the Surfing Heritage Foundation with a signing of their recently released book “Surf to Skate – Evolution to Revolution.” An exhibit of more than 75 super rare, color-drenched boards (circa 50s and 60s) culled from their personal stash will be on display, too. Think “Hobie Waffle”, “Makaha Phil Edwards”, “Rat Fink” and more.

Surf to Skate: – Evolution to Revolution - Vol. 1 is a photo journal that chronicles the history of skating, along with the rare finds that these two dudes (aka Scavenger) have amassed into a fancy coffee table tome that will surely impress your friends. It’s shaped like the first mass-produced skateboard, the “Roller Derby”, so you can hang that mofo right on your wall and voilà! Art.

Surf to Skate opens Saturday Jan 12, 3-5pm. at the Surfing Heritage Foundation in San Clemente


The Surf to Skate book is $44