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This month, avid skateboard collectors Jason Cohn and Stanton Hartsfield pay homage to the skateboard at the Surfing Heritage Foundation with a signing of their recently released book “Surf to Skate – Evolution to Revolution.” An exhibit of more than 75 super rare, color-drenched boards (circa 50s and 60s) culled from their personal stash will be on display, too. Think “Hobie Waffle”, “Makaha Phil Edwards”, “Rat Fink” and more.

Surf to Skate: – Evolution to Revolution - Vol. 1 is a photo journal that chronicles the history of skating, along with the rare finds that these two dudes (aka Scavenger) have amassed into a fancy coffee table tome that will surely impress your friends. It’s shaped like the first mass-produced skateboard, the “Roller Derby”, so you can hang that mofo right on your wall and voilà! Art.

Surf to Skate opens Saturday Jan 12, 3-5pm. at the Surfing Heritage Foundation in San Clemente


The Surf to Skate book is $44