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Designers Anders Wallner and Gustav Karlsson wouldn't have chosen such bright purples and pinks for their system of signs and symbols for the Gothenburg Arboretum if they wanted the signs to disappear. Instead, the bright colors reveal the signs almost instantly, and the symbols provide a relatively small amount of data about the surrounding area in the simplest way possible. Opting for symbols instead of verbal descriptions also adds flexibility for translating the data into different languages, as a simple key can be printed in infinite translations.

See a few more images of the project on Behance.

Leave it to the Swedish to come up with a series of drawstring lamps made from a sun-shielding waste material. The textile gurus over at Svensson Markspelle developed a fabric with a self-supporting infrastructure, allowing Merry-Go-Round to make a light with an ever-changing shape. The Drawstring Lamp invites play and interaction with your standard inanimate object. In a variety of colorful combinations, these lamps filter light so their color and draping look effortless, proving that lighting can be more than functional and morally eco-conscious—it can be sexy.

Merry-Go-Round Drawstring Lamps are 340€ at merrygoround.se