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If you put aside your hang-ups about the morbid pleasure of pouring red wine from an object that treats it like blood and you like a thirsty vampire, Etienne Meneau's Strange Decanters are a beautiful line of glassware. Instead of the short pitcher form, the Strange Decanter comes in two equally gruesome varieties, the heart line which includes "small heart" and "big heart," each with numbered vein systems. For the days that aren't Halloween, you could always say it's meant to be tree roots. [via]

Etienne Meneau makes each carafe by hand, in extremely limited runs.

We're all for making the fine points of contemporary food culture as accessible as possible. When it comes to pairing food and wine, it sometimes feels as if some secret knowledge has been held back. That's why this chart from Wine Folly (available for purchase as a poster) is particularly welcome. It might not be the sleekest infographic we've seen this week, but it's the one we might actually tote in the wallet.