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In recent years, we've seen many unsung or short-lived indie and punk acts of the '90s get new Internet-age respect, with online interest plus reissues and reunions feeding the fire. Universal Order of Armageddon, an East Coast post-hardcore act from the early '90s, for example, reunited in 2011 for a series of gigs and a Chaos in Tejas festival set. Yesterday, however, the band realized it was getting attention of a different kind when guitarist Tonie Joy was informed that a live performance photo of UOA had been used in a Jack Daniel's ad in the UK. Joy shared the image on his Facebook page where NoMa heard about it. Joy declined to comment on the situation. We're simply left wondering how it happened and if perhaps, this is one among many appropriations to come from the '90s—a cultural era that has a surprisingly high level of cachet at the moment.