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French designer José Lévy wants to make the exotic comfortable and familiar, and gosh darn it, he's excited about it. He's even given his collection, Morocco!, a not-so-French exclamation point.

Morocco!, an eclectic and minimal range of tables, seating, ceiling tiles, and mirrors, picks up elements from 1950s Moroccan design and combines them with a Parisian outlook and a little bit of luxurious fantasy. We love how Lévy has married the East with the West, building a tension between modern design and beldi, the Moroccan embrace of skilled trades and craft in everyday objects. His Beldi rug, fittingly, is hand-tufted in Casablanca. The patterns and textures evoke Morocco's love for the decorative arts, but here the pieces are meant to function in various interior settings far from North Africa.

Find out more at José Lévy.