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Photo by: Courtesy of Salon 94

The hyper-realistic visuals multimedia artist Takeshi Murata created for Oneohtrix Point Never's new "Problem Areas" clip are actually a big departure for Murata, whose work in the past has been considerably glitchier.

To create the images, which originally appeared in his 2012 solo show "Synthesizers," at Salon 94 in New York, Murata either purchased stock images from a ready-made 3D web mall or rendered images from scratch using digital imaging software. He also made use of open source projects, and what an artist's statement describes as his "DIY high-tech vocabulary." 

The pair also collaborated on PointNever.com, which is Murata's interpretation of OPN's new music. Check out some images from "Synthesizers," the "Problem Areas" video below, as well as a 2010 Creators Project feature with Murata showing some of his earlier "data mosh" work

Oneohtrix Point Never's new full length R Plus Seven is out September 30/October 1 from Warp.