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The expertly curated online shop Need Supply doesn't need to do anything extra to impress us, it stocks all the right labels in our book. But with its fine, follow-worthy blog and print publication, Human Being Journal, it does so anyway. The mag is ad-free—unless you consider the whole thing an ad—and features top-notch photography and some solid stories, too. The menswear editorial, photographed by Will Godwin and Lauren Lyon, features threads from Soulland, Han Kjobenhavn, and Engineered Garments. Check out some sample images, plus some behind-the-scenes pics of the making of the magazine below.

 The Human Being Journal Issue No. 3 is available September 23rd.

The Q&A is a tried and true, though sometimes tired, tool for communicating. The interview site Varsity Bookmarking updates it brilliantly, allowing interview subjects only a link to respond to its interview questions. There are only five entries thus far—most recently an interview with the great book cover designer Peter Mendelsund of Jacket Mechanical, but we live in hope that Varsity will step up the posting schedule soon. 

Bookmark it at VarsityBookmarking.com


With the new Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories, coming May 21 and streaming today, the electronic music duo couldn't have picked a better time to team up with their producer, the father of disco, Girogio Moroder, and fashion photographer Heidi Slimane for a sleek black and white photo shoot.

View the entire shoot on Dazed.

Yesterday, The New Republic, the intellectually-engaging weekly on American politics and the arts published in Washington, D.C., revealed its new logo. Designed by new TNR Creative Director Dirk Barnett, the logo is meant to represent the publication across various platforms from the newsstand to the iPad. It stands tall and carries an authoritative bearing, but is decidely contemporary. Barnett chose Antenna by Font Bureau for the logo typeface. As you can read in this excellent interview, the logo is one facet of a total redesign that began in the digital realm, but will also encompass the print magazine, which reveals a new look later this month. We're anxious to see it all.

In the meantime, we asked graphic designer and Chunklet publisher Henry Owings what he thought of the logo and typeface. Never one to mince words, Owings weighed in.

Hey Henry, Any interest in weighing in critically on the new New Republic logo? 

Hrm..... It seems very micromanaged. Having the "the" in the "N" is a bad call. Calling it a 'logo' is a stretch.

Right. How about the typeface itself? And how about compared to the current typeface on the mag?

The font itself I understand. They're just thinking iPad, mobile apps. But compared to where it was, it's drastic and almost.....too much?

It's micromanaged. It's people who think "Hey, how do we show we're new?"

Some idiot manager says "Let's get a new logo!" Horrible way to keep creative busy, but not productive.

Well, it's part of a total top to bottom redesign.

Which again, I defend. it's all like "Hey, let's do this for iPad" but the logo, wow, overthought.

The New Republic