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Thanks partly to his recent success on Kickstarter, Nicholas Monterotti, is well on his way to establishing his upcoming custom neckwear label: Peter Field. After his own struggle with finding a tie that fit properly, Monterotti created Peter Field, to solve the issues that often arise with the search for the perfect tie, bow tie, or even pocketsquare. The brand, based in Chicago, operates by taking the measurements of each customer and allowing them to customize both the width and the print of the neckwear of their choice. Each item from Peter Field is completely unique to the individual client. It's a realistic entry point to the bespoke experience.

For more information, visit Peter Field online.

American baseball gear is back in a big way this spring—throwbacks and reissues abound, and you've likely noticed baseball-inspired essentials on the runways of international designers for several seasons now. There's so much worthy stuff out there connected with the great American pastime that we figured even the monochrome-obsessed rocker can get in on the action. Although, we can't guarantee that going all-black with your baseball collection won't create a mini Black Sox Scandal, it is an interesting look. Here are a few of our favorite (almost) all-black baseball items for spring.

Black Baseball by Goody Grams, $29
It's illegality (on the mound) makes it all the more enticing as an art object.

Nokona Bloodline 1200 Black Baseball Glove, $389
Nokona makes leather gloves by hand in Texas. These take a lot of breaking in, but pro players swear by them.

Warstic Whiskeyville Maple Baseball Bat, $129
The pro series bat won't settle for a ground rule double, and comes with your name engraved on it—kind of a must for your secret fantasy b-ball room. 

Shades of Grey Zebra Head Baseball Jacket, $268
It's not entirely black and won't fly on the field, of course, and the zebras are pretty out there, but this spring jacket brings a sophisticated touch to your Field of Dreams even if that's just the name of your local sports bar.

Nothing Belongs to Ebbets: Nº 1 Thing Five Panel in black, $49
We looked around at black ball caps online until we realized our favorite was sitting right here in the Nothing Major shop. The five panel Nº 1 Thing comes in a wool blend flannel worn in the late '60s and has a soft and sturdy black leather strap, too. They're also more rare than a lead-off homer by a National League pitcher in the bottom of the ninth.

We're evangelists for anything Outlier, their action-ready chinos can turn a chino-hater into a true believer in less than a day, so when we started feeling a hankering for a good summer jacket, we had to see what they were currently offering up. Note that Outlier doesn't issue clothing on a season-by-season schedule, rather it comes up with one new, and usually great, item at a time. Like many guys we know, we like to buy not just for this season, but for next year's, so we're on the same page. The two-button, breathable Ultralight Blazer, "a classic sportcoat with a 21st Century twist," has all the makings of a perennial winner in our eyes—and is made in NYC to boot.

Combine the blazer with the Ultralight Summer Trousers for $696 until April 19 at outlier.cc

English label Native Youth is making inroads in the States this season with tropical patterns, tie-dye, and camo patterned summer-weight menswear—perhaps turning a few things we never thought we'd embrace (er, tie-dye, for one) into musts for the season. 

Look for Native Youth at needsupply.com and similiar online retailers.


We're big fans of Unis here in the Nothing Major offices and are willing to consider that the new Davis Pants from Unis might be the spring pants for which we've been looking. Yes, they're pleated—and we shudder at the pleats we wore in our youth— but pleats are okay this year, especially in a slimmer pant. Cut and sewn in the USA from Italian cotton twill they're made to last and make you look good doing it. They're slim, as we said, with a button fly and flap pockets. In other words, ready for the office, outdoor drinks after work, and a jaunt over to a music festival.

Unis Davis Pants are available online from Unis and in Unis boutiques.

Look for more in-depth coverage on Unis soon in the Nothing Major journal.


The Summer 2013 CLAE collection is for those that like classic styles and forms, but also like to take some chances with contemporary colors and prints. The Ellington shoe is available in Blue Hawaii and Sage Flower prints. The Bruce has a breathable contrasting mesh structures for steamier locales, while the Strayhorn Canvas comes in textured linen. New to the group is the Winston loafer in Caribbean suede or camel suede with orange sole with removable kiltie.
All are available now at clae.com and Our Favorite Shop, 5455 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.

Menswear watchers are surely aware that there are dozens of brands offering men's shoes in the fine leathers of Horween, a 100-year-old, family-run Chicago tannery. This season, however, Sebago's iconic boat shoes, Docksides and Spinnaker, enter the picture. The Horween Docksides and Spinnakers come in eye-popping shades of Horween Cavalier leather upper (orange, emerald green, red, yellow/red, orange/ink, and mustard) and are priced at just $150, putting a handsewn Horween shoe within reach of more of us than ever before.

The Horween Docksides at Sebago.com

The Hill-Side hops on the animated GIF bandwagon with wonderful results in its animated Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook. Here's just one of our faves. You'll find even more at the Hill-Side's Tumblr.

Photo by: Scott Sternberg | Frank Ocean for Band of Outsiders

Dreamy Frank Ocean recently wore a custom lemon yellow suit to the Grammys—a brilliant detour from the sea of sequins and bow ties that slip us into a coma. Designed by LA’s Band of Outsiders, his outfit nailed the fashion label’s trademark style, impeccably tailored vintage-inspired pieces, often well-suited to skinny, youthful gents. So, we’re not surprised that Ocean is the new face of the label’s SS13 campaign—following in the well-heeled footsteps of celebs like Michelle Williams, Josh Brolin, and Kirsten Dunst.

Sun-faded Polaroids of a dapper Ocean in the brand’s latest pieces were shot at the LA Times Building by Band’s creative director, Scott Sternberg. They started appearing on the label’s Instagram and Tumblr Wednesday and quickly racked up hundreds of hearts and likes. And, lucky us, more will be posted through Sunday. Reflective Frank. Reclining Frank. Middle Finger Frank. Smiling Frank.

See more at bandofoutsiders.com

After seeing Hentsch Man’s '50s-surf-inspired spring collection, we’re ready for warm sand and the speckled sunlight of endless summer days. (Dudes with tattoos and surfboards everywhere would be perfect, too.) It’s no surprise that Alexia Hentsch, Creative Director of the British menswear label, drew inspiration from a recent trip to Los Angeles, with a scenic trip along the coast. For spring, Hentsch Man’s impeccably sharp yet casual aesthetic shines through with shirts, shorts, and knits bursting with bold floral patterns, ikat, and color blocking. Very matchy-matchy. Cherry red swim trunks, double-breasted blazers, and a buttery yellow rain jacket anchor the prints and could easily be worn out to dinner after a lazy day at the beach. Okay, we’re going to go listen to Dick Dale records now and bask in some California dreaming. 

Shop Hentsch Man online and meet the Hentsch Men.